Valensole Plateau

The plateau of Valensole

This is one of the most iconic landscapes of Provence. The Plateau of Valensole with its fields of wheat and lavender is one of the treasures of the Alpes de Haute Provence. Located about two hours from the campsite Les Tournels, the Plateau of Valensole spreads over an area of 800 square kilometres, surrounded on the west by the Durance Valley, in the south by the Gorges du Verdon, in the north by the Bléone Valley and in the east by a nappe of Digne-les-Bains.
Called the granary of the region, the Plateau of Valensole offers visitors its exceptional landscapes, with a backdrop of the snow-capped Alps and thousands of hectares of lavender fields in the foreground!
While staying at the campsite Les Tournels, feel free to make the trip up to Valensole and its plateau to enjoy the profusion of colours and the so typical scents of Provence…