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Candice C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 27/10/2022 until 29/10/2022
"Cottage was very high up and far from the activities, not enough signs with confusing roads. Snack bar and service not great. Cottages packed too close together."

Published on 15/11/2022
Zofia L. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 20/10/2022 until 23/10/2022
"It's a great place and wonderful nature. Swimming pools and slides were amazing and kids loved it. Very nice and helpful stuff. Veeery big menu in bar so everbody could eat what thay liked. It Was missing just some equpment in the house."

Published on 24/10/2022
John S. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 18/10/2022 until 23/10/2022
"The site is very good with great swimming pools. The restaurant was mainly good, but the food could have been hotter at times.The pool bar was average. We sampled some of the food, but it wasn’t always good, some of the staff at the pool bar were friendly and helpful, one wasn’t. Prices were high."

Published on 24/10/2022
Sasa Z. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 01/10/2022 until 15/10/2022
"Very nice, we liked it very much. The only thing that we were a bit dissapointed was personell: - at the reception it seemed that speaking English bothered them - at the pool bar they were mostly unfriendly - at the restaurant they were a bit lost - forgetting to bring all the drinks, taking a long time between comings. We assumed it is because of the season end bbt we did notice it."

Published on 17/10/2022
Mary N. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 02/10/2022 until 08/10/2022

Published on 09/10/2022
Chris H. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 21/09/2022 until 01/10/2022
"Excellent stay, good facilities, clean and friendly staff"

Published on 03/10/2022
Olli P. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 14/09/2022 until 21/09/2022
"We spent a really nice vacation in Ramatuelle."

Published on 02/10/2022
Marianne K. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 27/09/2022 until 29/09/2022
"Good, nice quiet at the top and good views. Good facilities, good WiFi when it was working. Very far to get off trash, would be nice if it was at the facility building."

Published on 30/09/2022
Linda R. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 11/09/2022 until 25/09/2022
"Starting with the online booking, the staff were so efficient. At Les Tournels the staff were polite, friendly, helpful and competent. There are super activities for every age group. Every evening there is entertainment. The chalet was clean and the view was fantastic. I am really impressed with everything there. I can honestly recommend Les Tournels for a lovely holiday. Thank you for a lovely holiday."

Published on 26/09/2022
Julie J. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 03/09/2022 until 10/09/2022
"Really enjoyed our stay. We had a good pitch & thought the facilities were very good."

Published on 26/09/2022
Tinne S. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 12/09/2022 until 18/09/2022
"I had a lovely stay. A very nice camping. The hygiene of the toilets could be a bit better."

Published on 26/09/2022
Charlotte B. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 05/09/2022 until 12/09/2022
"Our 3rd time here in less than a year! Wonderful as always"

Published on 24/09/2022
Nadezhda M. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 11/09/2022 until 21/09/2022
"We stayed for 10 days and had great time. Both kids and us enjoyed a lot: the house, the pine trees, the pools, the spa, surroundings. My kid of 4 y.o. also had swimming lessons and made great progress with the coach Christine."

Published on 23/09/2022
Shari D. On pitch, With children
Stay from 19/08/2022 until 29/08/2022
"Overall experience is great; big pool, very good restaurant."

Published on 13/09/2022
Thomas D. On pitch, With children
Stay from 15/08/2022 until 30/08/2022
"This is a excellent site and I an unable to find anything to critisise. The reception staff and friendly and very helpful. The two staff who put our caravan onto its emplacement where also friendly and very skilled in the use of the Manato. The swimming pools are excellent. The snack bars, restaurant and creperie are also excellent and are competitively priced. My only criticism is that the welcome drinks on the Monday of our stay was done completely in French with no effort to translate it into English resulting in a few English families walking out. Overall a excellent site and we have already booked for next year."

Published on 10/09/2022
Joanne H. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 26/08/2022 until 03/09/2022
"Really good as ever! Probably the only thing I would criticize is that I found the parking spots for the sea view chalets to be a bit worrying - basically on the edge of a ravine. I imagine you could leave the car parked in the car park near the pizza place if you want though. Also I wish you'd kept closing the pool at lunchtime as during the pandemic as that meant more chance of getting a sunbed, but there were usually some beds available. I'd like to particularly praise the Food and Wine Pairing evening. Publicise that more as it's amazing value for money. The sea views are amazing by the way - worth the extra money."

Published on 08/09/2022
Piotr P. On pitch, With children
Stay from 15/08/2022 until 26/08/2022
"Very good service and very beautiful camping. If only the communication could be conducted also in English it would be very nice!"

Published on 06/09/2022
Glenn J. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 24/08/2022 until 03/09/2022
"Really love staying at Les Tournelles. We have been coming here for years."

Published on 05/09/2022
Katrina P. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 27/08/2022 until 03/09/2022
"We had a great holiday, the campsite is very well equipped and we really enjoyed our stay"

Published on 04/09/2022
Nicola A. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 24/08/2022 until 31/08/2022
"Very good, we really enjoy the site and find it a wonderful location with really nice facilities."

Published on 04/09/2022
Matthew R. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 31/08/2022 until 03/09/2022
"Great onsite facilities but the accommodation was tired and missing appliances that would have made things easier (kettle and toaster). We also had an ant infestation which wasn't pleasant. Ants in our bed, in the cupboards pretty much everywhere. Previous to our stay we were at a 4 star campsite near perpignan and the accommodation was far better, we were there for a week, accommodation included the above appliances plus no ants."

Published on 04/09/2022
Jeremy L. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 22/08/2022 until 01/09/2022
"We loved our stay. Will definitely be back. The main downside for us is that our cabin only had partial outside cover which meant the cabin got really hot in the afternoon and was difficult to sleep in the evening. Also maybe the kids food could be a bit more nutritious."

Published on 02/09/2022
Darren T. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 21/08/2022 until 28/08/2022
"This is our favourite holiday destination and now couldn’t think of anywhere better than staying with views over Pampelonne beach. Les Tournels can be fun packed or relaxing on the veranda of the bungalow"

Published on 29/08/2022
Wojciech D. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 19/08/2022 until 27/08/2022
"Great pools and views, average entertainment quality"

Published on 28/08/2022
Sinead O. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 01/08/2022 until 15/08/2022
"Lovely time - would return but found it far more expensive in this area of France"

Published on 27/08/2022
Viktor C. On pitch, With children
Stay from 20/08/2022 until 24/08/2022
"Fantastic place with beautiful pools, perfect for kids (we are travelling with our grandson), very friendly and helpful staff"

Published on 25/08/2022
Anna M. On pitch, With children
Stay from 13/08/2022 until 20/08/2022
"Excellent camp site, perfect position, friendly staff, clean facilities"

Published on 22/08/2022
Ian L. On pitch, With children
Stay from 29/07/2022 until 11/08/2022
"We had a lovely stay at Les Tournels for 2nd time. Just need to sort out the wasps at the restuarant which aren't a problem throughout the rest of the site but are as soon as your food arrives"

Published on 22/08/2022
Sian O. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 13/08/2022 until 20/08/2022
"Fabulous place, amazing location, gorgeous pool area... lovely cabin, great staff, amazing pizza truck, incredibly well run... loved it."

Published on 21/08/2022
Scott V. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 06/08/2022 until 20/08/2022
"Nice site, great access to beach. St Tropez etc."

Published on 21/08/2022
Richard W. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 31/07/2022 until 14/08/2022
"We had a great stay , staff were amazing, the whole site is very clean and well looked after, The only problem we have had is we ate dinner at the restaurant on Saturday night and was plagued with wasps also I was very I’ll that night after eating there"

Published on 15/08/2022
Arion J. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 26/07/2022 until 06/08/2022
"Great site, wonderful pool, good home, clean, friendly helpful staff, super produce in the shop, near good beaches."

Published on 07/08/2022
Ian S. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 25/07/2022 until 04/08/2022
"Excellent as normal!"

Published on 05/08/2022
Oliver C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 24/07/2022 until 31/07/2022
"The site was lovely, the staff were all very friendly. It was very clean."

Published on 01/08/2022
Paul B. On pitch, With children
Stay from 03/07/2022 until 15/07/2022
"We had a wonderful stay after being absent for 3 years. Everything was the same! It is a special place with lots of space and even though it is large and busy you don't feel like you are over crowded. Reception was so friendly and helpful and very quick to help us when our power blew a fuse! Wonderful place with great pitches for tents. The toilet and shower facilities were always spotless and the pool areas too. It is my favourite camp site and location. Thank you Yellow Village Les Tournels"

Published on 29/07/2022
Adrian P. On pitch, With children
Stay from 10/07/2022 until 17/07/2022
"You can definately improve on key areas, but given the alternatives/competition you are quite safe (unfortunately)"

Published on 29/07/2022
Erika P. On pitch, With children
Stay from 12/07/2022 until 22/07/2022
"It’s a brilliant set up, location is perfect, crucially showers are clean, pitches are spacious"

Published on 24/07/2022
Sara F. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 02/07/2022 until 09/07/2022
"We had a good time but the kids club was absolutely awful. The animateur did not mind out children properly. She allowed them put their hands on an electric fence because she was not supervising them and had not warned them sufficiently. They both got electric shocks. Then she told them to stop crying. To make it worse, when I went to collect them, no one approached me to tell me what happened. I had to approach her and ask. She was rude to me, stayed sitting and looked completely disinterested in my children getting electric shocks and then her not caring."

Published on 20/07/2022
Andrzej G. On pitch, With children
Stay from 22/06/2022 until 08/07/2022
"I returned to the camping after 25 years and surely it is even better than before. I love the pool, the trees, the cleaness and overall organisation and sevurity."

Published on 19/07/2022
Zbynek H. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 30/06/2022 until 05/07/2022
"A beautiful resort surrounded by vineyards. We didn't miss anything. Our stay should have been longer."

Published on 18/07/2022
James H. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 23/06/2022 until 30/06/2022
"Generally excellent"

Published on 01/07/2022
Regina L. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 22/05/2022 until 04/06/2022

Published on 28/06/2022
Richard John T. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 07/06/2022 until 24/06/2022
"We have been to Les Tournels on 9 previous occasions and had intended to return firstly in 2020 then 2021. However, we were disappointed this year at the early part of the holiday with both how busy the site was but particularly with the number of vast motorhomes were there. We choose to take a tent but have a pitch with power and water. We acknowledge that we are likely to be among people with caravans and camper vans. This is not a problem. It is the massive units that we object to. These people do not wish to participate at all but just sit in their air conditioned palace. In order to retain the character of the site, we consider all units of a certain size should be designated to an area created especially for them."

Published on 28/06/2022
Robert J. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 15/06/2022 until 25/06/2022
"I am giving it a 7 rather than a higher score for a number of reasons: (1) we were given a cottage located right at the very top of the camp on very steep gradients and while we noticed that some campers were able to avail of a free ride up to their cottages on one of the electric buggies driven by staff, at check-in we were not advised how to avail of this service and could see no information about it anywhere; (2) we were not advised at check-in that we had to complete an inventory and while we have stayed here before, it was several years and when we did find out via the app that we had to undertake an inventory we could not find the list of items to check-off - this is something we would have expected to have been told at check-in; (3) the app and information provided told us that we had to arrange an appointment to have our cottage inspected before we departed but when we checked with reception they said we didn't have to make an appointment but the app then told us we did - it was all very confusing."

Published on 27/06/2022
Luis A. On pitch, With children
Stay from 23/06/2022 until 25/06/2022
"Fantastic camping with all the facilities needed for a pleasant vacation"

Published on 26/06/2022
Dean H. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 17/06/2022 until 24/06/2022
"Fantastic as always. This was our fifth stay at Les Tournels."

Published on 25/06/2022
Kara J. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 24/05/2022 until 31/05/2022
"We loved out stay. We had high expectations but at the recommendation from a friend (who has 3 kids) we were pretty confident we'd have a good time. I'd say our expectations were met and exceeded in some areas. We thought the kids club was only 5-12 without parents but it was actually 3-12 without parents. This is a huge relief to us since we have 3 small kids. It meant that 2 could go to kids club. I'd recommend changing this information on your website so more parents know that kids as young as 3 can go. I loved the kids club activities. That they were listed and we could pick and choose through the app. We loved the pools. They were clean and nice. It would have been nice to get into the pools earlier than 10 and possibly stay later than 20. Or even if the pools close at 20 for kids they could stay open for adults after 20 or something."

Published on 09/06/2022
Andy N. On pitch, With children
Stay from 28/05/2022 until 04/06/2022
"Great site with fantastic lazy river and pools, well laid out with great beaches close by. Pitch good size with plenty of room for car and outdoor dining."

Published on 06/06/2022
Katerina I. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 21/05/2022 until 28/05/2022

Published on 30/05/2022
Grant H. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 15/05/2022 until 28/05/2022
"Les Tournels was just as satisfying to visit as before. The excellent free WiFi was a real bonus and something we have been requesting for years!"

Published on 29/05/2022
Kevin B. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 02/05/2022 until 20/05/2022
"Excellent stay … staff friendly and helpful - and facilities great … also excellent entertainment directed by Mimi … nearly won on the bingo … love the place since our first visit in 1980 … and we have returned ever since … thanks and we will be back … if only to win on the bingo … Kev and Sandie"

Published on 21/05/2022
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