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Lisa M. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 10/05/2024 until 12/05/2024
"We had an amazing time with friends. It was not our first time there but each time we go we always have such a great experience. Everything is so easy and have the choice of how you want to spend your time whether it is activities, dining or sports."

Published on 13/05/2024
Laila F. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 08/04/2024 until 12/04/2024
"We enjoyed our first stay at the premium cottage, especially for its view."

Published on 14/04/2024
Sarah C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 20/10/2023 until 27/10/2023
"The park and pools were lovely but the accommodation was not clean, dirty toilet and sinks, floors and kitchen. Also only one restaurant for such a large park so not much choice or variety to eat out if you didn’t want to cook, and the shop wasn’t within walking distance."

Published on 07/11/2023
Fabio M. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 21/10/2023 until 01/11/2023
"Very nice stay. There were a lot of activities organized by the animation group of the camping. The kids went to all the activities of the kids club and were very happy. We enjoyed the sport, balneo, pools, hiking with Henrie, bingo and shows."

Published on 02/11/2023
Radoslaw W. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 22/10/2023 until 28/10/2023
"We had a fantastic time and we are pretty sure we are coming back! Very professional and friendly staff, fantastic animation program for kids, dogs allowed everywhere (the main reason we came) - we loved it all. Maybe apart from the fact that the wine tasting tour was fully booked already on our arrival day and we couldn't take part - we were really looking forward to it. We were willing to pay to participate, but we were told no wine tasting tours were available at all (both free tours fully booked and no option to pay for one). But apart from this point, everything was great."

Published on 29/10/2023
Mark T. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 21/10/2023 until 24/10/2023
"It was a beautiful sight with very good clean amenities and very well laid out. We really enjoyed staying here. One issue for us is that it would be better to be able to use the spa facilities as required rather than paying for a whole day. We were disappointed that all transport to st tropez was finished considering the number of people on site"

Published on 25/10/2023
Cecilie V. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 10/10/2023 until 15/10/2023
"10. Perfect place. The only negative was the loud Music some nights."

Published on 16/10/2023
Nath M. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 29/09/2023 until 06/10/2023
"The place is to noicy"

Published on 16/10/2023
Christin P. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 15/09/2023 until 29/09/2023
"Our overall experience was nice. The cottage and its Terrasse was very good. We were missing a few basics which would be nice to add to the equipment of the house such as a scissor, soap and dishwashing liquid so that you don't need to buy them and throw half of it away at the end of your stay. The campground overall was very nice and had a lot of options for everyone. We enjoyed especially the pool area, the playground and playing tennis. What wasn't great for us personally was the animation in the late evening because it was simply too loud where we stayed. I understand that animation in the evenings is enjoyed by some people so I would advise to assess the sound traveling up the campground. Maybe some shielding sheets around the entertainment area would be a solution that works for everyone. But overall we had a nice stay in Les Tournels."

Published on 10/10/2023
Donna R. On pitch, With children
Stay from 20/09/2023 until 26/09/2023
"Very good experience, the whole of the family enjoyed all the facilities, the Staff were very helpful and friendly. Would recommend your yelloh sites. Thank you for a lovely stay."

Published on 27/09/2023
Claire D. On pitch, With children
Stay from 12/09/2023 until 15/09/2023
"We absolutely loved our time at Les Tournels. The service, the people, the variety of activities, the pools and restaurants were all fantastic! We loved the bread service in the mornings and the entertainment at night. Plus the wine from Les Tournels is outstanding and we purchased some Rose to take home. Les Tournels was a recommendation from some Australia travellers and we are so pleased that we went. Visit the gorgeous small beaches in the area - the clearest water I have ever swam in. Also, the bus from the grocery store to St Tropez is so convenient."

Published on 26/09/2023
Jessica M. On pitch, With children
Stay from 08/09/2023 until 12/09/2023
"Lovely campsite with plenty of facilities"

Published on 13/09/2023
Sally H. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 29/08/2023 until 12/09/2023
"Not as nice as previous years, toilets not cleaned aswell and the toilet block at the top ( where we started our stay by) is of a very poor standard."

Published on 13/09/2023
Thomas D. On pitch, With children
Stay from 14/08/2023 until 29/08/2023
"Our second year at Les Tournals and nothing has changed from our previous stay. Reception staff are very friendly and helpful as are the staff at the information booth. The swimming complex, restaurant, bar and creperie are of the highest standards and cannot be faulted for there customer service and friendly disposition. The chef du camping and his team work tirelessly to keep the site in top condition and in helping caravan owners put there caravans onto there emplacement. Our two grandsons, 9 and 12, described the site as amazing and where very upset when we had to start our journey home. We have booked again for next year and can't wait to return. Keep up the good work!!!!"

Published on 09/09/2023
Linda R. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 17/08/2023 until 26/08/2023
"Perfect. The young friendly helpful staff are excellent. The activities and entertainment for children of all ages is fabulous.The evening entertainment for adults is great. The chalets are clean. The facilities on the site are super. The beach is within walking distance or you can also use the shuttle service. My whole family love this site and will be returning many times. Thank you all for the perfect holiday."

Published on 08/09/2023
Linda B. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 12/08/2023 until 26/08/2023
"Les Tournels is always a fun place to stay. Staff are charming."

Published on 06/09/2023
Tracy H. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 20/08/2023 until 31/08/2023

Published on 04/09/2023
Katrina C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 15/08/2023 until 21/08/2023
"Had a great time and very good facilities, especially for families."

Published on 03/09/2023
Joanne C. On pitch, With children
Stay from 05/08/2023 until 17/08/2023
"Amazing holiday as always, we have been many times. The only points I would make were that there was at times a smell of sewers when at the pool and snack bar. I imagine this was just when the wind was in the wrong direction but it was slightly off putting. The bar and snack bar/ice cream service was also very slow at times. It would be nice to have some healthier options at the snack bar too. One other point is that the steps and some off the tiles at the pool are dangerous as so slippy. I saw a couple of people slip by the deep/diving end of the pool and it was only luck they didn't hurt themselves more. Pitches very well maintained and toilet blocks always clean. Staff friendly and polite. Beautiful site and well maintained, fridge hire good when camping, easy check in. We will definitely be back again."

Published on 01/09/2023
Collin G. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 12/08/2023 until 19/08/2023
"Good facilities and clean the shop was a little expensive I guess you own it and need more sun loungers and shade around the pool area could do with more than one server doing food at the bar during the day. overall very good would stay again."

Published on 30/08/2023
Rachel D. On pitch, With children
Stay from 27/07/2023 until 10/08/2023
"Another great holiday experience. Lovely campsite and extremely clean. Snack bar and pools are great! Surrounding area has plenty to offer - I would recommend you have a car though at this site."

Published on 29/08/2023
Jennie R. On pitch, With children
Stay from 12/08/2023 until 26/08/2023
"Excellent campsite, staff friendly and more than happy to help when any problems occur. Beautifully kept and clean, great variety of activities. We come back year after year because of this and the campsite is always as wonderful!!"

Published on 27/08/2023
Tereza E. On pitch, With children
Stay from 20/08/2023 until 25/08/2023
"Beautiful place to stay"

Published on 26/08/2023
Dragos D. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 05/08/2023 until 09/08/2023
"A good palce for long terms holidays."

Published on 20/08/2023
Kevin B. On pitch, With children
Stay from 28/07/2023 until 03/08/2023
"A fantastic site. Clean, great staff and is big enough to not feel crowded when full."

Published on 14/08/2023
Steven K. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 28/07/2023 until 04/08/2023
"pool takes too long to open in the mornings, 10.30 one morning. there needs to be an onsite shop at least selling basics like cold drinks pool toys, toiletries and other essentials. our lodge was infested with ants. the beds are very uncomfortable. the resteraunt food is very bland and service non existant. on the positve side, the site is lovely and the pool area extremely clean and well staffed. the snack bar serves up tasty food in record time. the children really enjoyed their stay as did we but it does need some improvements."

Published on 07/08/2023
Ray P. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 18/07/2023 until 04/08/2023
"Friendly staff, very well run and incredibly clean for such a large site."

Published on 06/08/2023
Laura T. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 29/07/2023 until 05/08/2023
"We loved it here and already want to come back next year! The animation team were amazing, all the entertainment was great, and everywhere was clean and beautiful."

Published on 06/08/2023
Jennifer L. On pitch, With children
Stay from 10/07/2023 until 16/07/2023
"Superb campsite. Would recommend!"

Published on 27/07/2023
Patrick S. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 15/07/2023 until 19/07/2023
"It was wonderful. The location, the facilities and the service."

Published on 20/07/2023
Sebastian A. On pitch, With children
Stay from 08/07/2023 until 19/07/2023
"As always the staff were super friendly and helpful. The pool area is great although is beginning to look a bit shabby in places and could do with some new signs and paving/flooring sorting. The AM shower and toilet block were super clean but the mirror was cracked and one of the showers was variable in it’s function."

Published on 20/07/2023
John S. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 03/07/2023 until 08/07/2023
"Fabulous stay"

Published on 17/07/2023
Eamonn G. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 29/06/2023 until 15/07/2023
"Had a lovely time, some good entertainment but, other nights could have been better."

Published on 17/07/2023
Ivan C. On pitch, With children
Stay from 03/07/2023 until 05/07/2023
"Campsite is beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay. However, the problem with electricity is something that I think you should solve. We couldn’t use toaster, bbq or anything that need some strong power."

Published on 16/07/2023
Adam C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 18/06/2023 until 02/07/2023
"Had an excellent stay."

Published on 14/07/2023
Jakub C. On pitch, With children
Stay from 01/07/2023 until 10/07/2023
"We had very sunny parcel and we were with tent. So it should be more controll by camping who gets which parcel, especially that we couldnt choose by ourselves. Trash should be taken as we have parcel far away from trash point. Should be more music and fun at days and less at the night especially that we wanted to sleep at 11pm"

Published on 11/07/2023
Jennifer F. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 03/07/2023 until 06/07/2023
"Lovely location! The pools were amazing and the services were great. The demi pension was very good! We enjoyed the meals a lot. It would be so helpful if they had an ATM on site and a few more tours of the winery since it sold out quickly. I also thought the campground faced the ocean so was a bit disappointed there."

Published on 08/07/2023
Katy H. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 29/05/2023 until 12/06/2023
"We had the best holiday here. Gorgeous campsite with brilliant facilities and absolutely no problems at all."

Published on 04/07/2023
Tomasz R. On pitch, With children
Stay from 28/06/2023 until 03/07/2023
"Perfect weather, great swimming pool area, the camping stated at one of the most beautyfull place I have ever visited."

Published on 04/07/2023
Ian B. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 27/06/2023 until 01/07/2023
"Entertainment was really lacking. Mimi was awful as was the magician that we saw. We have stayed many years a5 Serignan Plage which has awesome entertainment all nights for all age groups . The bar closed every night in June which is u heard of and left no atmosphere in the main seating area."

Published on 02/07/2023
Stuart A. On pitch, With children
Stay from 31/05/2023 until 05/06/2023
"Fantastic place with best swimming pool complex you have ever seen. The best campsite we have ever stayed at. It is large and busy but is a brilliant place for a family campsite."

Published on 29/06/2023
Teresa S. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 12/06/2023 until 23/06/2023

Published on 26/06/2023
Thomas C. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 09/06/2023 until 16/06/2023
"It was ok, the inside of the lodge was clean and tidy. However the service and politeness of staff on the campsite restaurant was horrific, in fact arguably one of the worst places I have eaten."

Published on 24/06/2023
Janice L. In rental unit, Without children
Stay from 10/06/2023 until 16/06/2023
"Very clean everywhere. Reception very welcoming. Pool good temperature. Loved the pitch, nice and sunny."

Published on 21/06/2023
Rachel G. On pitch, With children
Stay from 28/05/2023 until 02/06/2023
"A fabulous camp site. Great pool area. Great facility blocks and a great location."

Published on 13/06/2023
Grant H. On pitch, Without children
Stay from 23/05/2023 until 03/06/2023
"We have stayed at Les Tournelles for many years and it. Just keeps getting better every time"

Published on 07/06/2023
Pawel J. On pitch, With children
Stay from 29/05/2023 until 03/06/2023
"Music coming from bathrooms is annoying. It’s hear on the pitches around while it would be better to listen to birds signing or silence rathe then him of radio."

Published on 06/06/2023
Adrienne Y. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 29/05/2023 until 05/06/2023
"Excellent stay at Les Tournels. We love it! This was our first tine in a chalet and we really enjoyed it"

Published on 06/06/2023
Andy N. On pitch, With children
Stay from 26/05/2023 until 02/06/2023
"Absolutely excellent, brilliant campsite with lots of positives and no negatives. Staff very helpful and friendly, toilet and shower blocks very clean, site very clean and well maintained. Restaurant and pool bar good, pools excellent so can’t fault the site so will be back again next year!"

Published on 03/06/2023
Kara J. In rental unit, With children
Stay from 14/05/2023 until 22/05/2023
"This was our second time staying here. Overall it was good. The weather wasn't as nice which isn't the camps fault. The food however at the restaurant seemed worse than last year. I remember the Ceasar salad being really good last year and this year it wasn't. I also had a pizza last year that was delicious and this year it was really soupy and not that great. The service at the restaurant this year was also lacking a bit. We only went 3 nights but two of them we had issues with our order and it taking a long time to get the bill."

Published on 29/05/2023
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